The process to cancel your subscription depends on the device you are using and the offer you are subscribed to.

For example, on our website, once you are logged into your account, start by clicking on “Profile” if you want to cancel the Pro Offer.

For the Label Offer, you should instead click on the Dibsteur logo in the left corner of the screen.

Then, the steps are the same for both offers: click on “My subscription” and then “Stop subscription” and that’s it!

The processes on Android and iOS are very similar. If you encounter any problem, please contact us at the following email address:


If you stop your PRO subscription, you will lose your privileges, especially in terms of royalties: 20% of your royalties will now be deducted by Dibsteur for your existing and future releases. In addition, you will no longer benefit from discounts for services available in the store (Express Release, Mastering, Social Network Release, YouTube Content ID and Press Kit). Finally, the deadline for the release of your tracks will be extended to four weeks instead of two.

Don’t forget that you can re-subscribe at any time, Dibsteur and its community will be waiting for you.